11 Year Old Genius Gets 1770 on SATs & Is Off to College to Study…Quantum Physics

If I remember correctly, at 11 years old I was learning some form of rudimentary algebra or geometry, had maybe the slightest thoughts of what high school I would attend and most likely spent the majority of my mental effort raising a Tamagotchi…which obviously died.

But not 13 year old Carson Huey-You. Back in 2013, when he was just 11, he became the youngest person ever admitted to Texas Christian University, where he will be studying quantum physics. I am not even sure what that is and I am over twice his age. I’m going to assume it’s something like the guys onĀ Big Bank Theory.

He did so buy scoring an impressive 1770 on his SATs. In addition, he speaks Mandarin fluently, plays the piano and finds calculus RELAXING.

Currently a junior, Carson is already setting his sights on his next journey…a PhD by 20. His mom still drives him to school everyday – a reminder of just how young he is. Yet clearly there are great things on this horizon for this young prodigy.

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