12 Year Old’s Company Already Has $150K In Sales AND 5 Employees

12 year old entrepreneur, Moziah Bridges started a bow tie company three years ago after his love for dressing up led him to frustrations as he could never seem to find bow ties he truly liked.

His grandmother taught him how to sew his own bow ties and soon after, Mo’s Bows was born.

Since the company’s inception, Bridges has appeared on CNBC to promote his holiday collaboration with Cole Haan, Shark Tank, where he accepted an offer to work with business guru Daymond John and in Vogue and GQ magazines.

The Memphis-native pre-teen’s company has already reached $150,000 in sales.

For all you sharp dressers out there, let’s try to keep our money within our community and buy from our own, especially when our own is 12 years old and producing quality good enough for the big boys.

His bow ties retail for $40 and are available or purchase here.

You can also check out his CNBC interview below.