22 Year Old Graduate Finds Creative Way To Get Plenty of Job Offers

We are all just too familiar with how hard it is to not only land a job once we graduate, but to land one that we don’t hate and that pays enough to ensure we can actually eat on a daily basis – and not just Ramen.

Alfred Ajani of the UK has found a creative way to battle the post-graduation stress and insane competition for a job. After applying for over 300 positions to no avail, Alfred began standing in London’s central Waterloo station with a sign that displays his resume.

While some may not understand his bold approach, others not only did, but applauded his creativity and brazen desire to land a great job. Alfred has had an overwhelming number of responses and has even met with representatives from THG Sports, the world’s leading and largest sports hospitality entertainment company, about a sales position.

Alfred’s unique approach and confidence in himself has taken him from having no offers to a plethora of top companies providing him with offers from which to choose.

What a great example of how a little extra effort can go a long way.