410-lb Teenager With Almost NO Football Experience Gets Full Scholarship to BYU

The newest top import out of Tonga (I had to Google it..it’s a Polynesian state…I won’t even TELL you where I thought it was) comes in the form of a massive 6’7″, 410 lb teenager by the name of Motekiai Langi.

After just a 15 minute meeting with head football coach, Bronco Mendenhall, Langi was offered a full-ride scholarship. When asked, Mendenhall basically stated that the teen was so big that there was NO way they wouldn’t be able to find some use for him, even if it was just him lying on the ground to block a part of the end zone.

BYU assistant coach, Steve Kafusi, discovered Langi during his trip to Tonga, when he happened to come across a local pick up game of basketball, featuring what can only be described as Shrek with the feet of a ballerina. He automatically knew he had to report back to Mendenhall on his finding.

With a girth that makes the average man look like an anorexic midget, Langi still manages to be light on his feet and actually carries his weight well, looking less sloppy and more solid. Just look at this below pic of him standing next to a fellow future teammate…mind you the guy he’s standing next to is also 6’7 but is only 265 (still EXTREMELY big, yet next to Langi he almost looks slim).

langi pic

This is not BYU’s first time taking a chance on an otherwise unknown prospect. In 2008,¬†they signed a teen from Ghana by the name of Ziggy Ansah, who didn’t even know how to put on football pads when he first arrived on campus. Yet by 2013, he was the No. 5 overall draft pick in the NFL; mix of talent and good guidance.

Should be interesting to see what they are able to do with Langi…


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