14 Year Old Opens Own Pizza Business

When an energetic 14 year old Pittsfield, MA teen couldn’t find a summer job, he set out to create one for himself.

Ajayi Jackson is the proud owner of Pop’s Pizza, a homemade pizza place where he hand-makes (from scratch!) the pizzas himself and delivers them straight to his customers’ door.

After becoming frustrated with the realization that all the summer jobs were either taken by college students or simply not looking to hire such a young teenager, Ajayi decided he would find another way to work during the summer. After craving pizza one night, but not wanting to spend the money on ordering a pie, he made one for himself and was pleasantly surprised by how good it came out.

With $100 seed money and Facebook posts marketing the start up, his father helped Ajayi get started on his first entrepreneurial endeavor.

In the few months since starting, he has already turned a profit and is looking for new ways to expand his business through deal offerings and marketing. He hopes to one day be like his idol, Lebron James, who reportedly opened a chain of pizza restaurants in Miami, FL.

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