6 of the Craziest Company Perks That Will Make You Jealous

We all know of the usual company perks; free doughnuts on Monday, complimentary happy hours, casual Fridays. What we haven’t heard of are the AMAZING company perks that some organizations offer that keep their employees happier and more satisfied than probably 99% of America’s working class.

Think you love your job? Read about these six companies with unconventional offerings for their workers that are sure to make you more than a little bit envious.

Company: Evernote/Perk: House Cleaning

Employees at Evernote need not worry about coming home to a messy home or sink full of dishes, allowing them to focus even more on the task at hand at work. Evernote, the San Francisco based start up that creates apps that help users remember their ideas, states that about half of their 25o employees take advantage of the perk to have their house cleaned twice a month, which saves each of them $2,400 and countless hours on average per year.

Company:BodyLogicMD/Perk: Spa Services

BodyLogic offers its employees what everyone wants but may not necessarily have the funds or resources for; frequent spa treatments. This employer knows a relaxed employee is a happy and productive employees and so they provide their workers with always appreciated spa services such as manicures, massages and facials. These gifts save employees upwards of $1,000 a month on just manicures alone, as well as the added bonus of the always elusive feeling of relaxation.

Company: JibJab Media/Perk: Laundry Service

The average individual spends around five hours per month on laundry – that’s 60 hours a year cleaning dirty clothes! Add on to the the rising cost of dry cleaning and just regular washes and you are losing out on life trying to keep your clothes clean. As a solution for their employees, every Monday JibJab gives all 80 of their employees a large laundry bag and washes whatever they can stuff into it, returning it washed, dried and folded within 24 hours. This perk saves their employees around $500 a year on top of the many hours they can spend with families and friends.

Company: Ontraport/Perk: Free Food

Right around noon to 2pm when we all feel like we may pass out and/or die from hunger, we venture out for our usually overpriced lunch of $10-$15 or pull out or bagged lunch with more often than not we bring out of necessity and not desire. While many progressive companies offer free lunches to employees, Ontraport, the California based software company is taking it a step further by providing employees with free breakfast, lunch and snacks. Not only does this help foster socialization among employees, as they don’t need to go out for lunch and can stay in and chat with each other, but also saves them an average of $2,500 per year.

Company: Asana/Perk: Custom Workspace

If you are a fellow 9-5 slaver, you are fully aware of the neck cricks, stiff backs and numb legs that come with sitting at your desk for hours on end. Software company Asana is looking to make their employees as comfortable in their work space as possible, enabling them to work better and longer, by offering a beyond generous $10,000 to renovate and personalize their work area to their liking. Every single one of their 50 employees has taken advantage of the offer and while it may not save them directly in costs, think about the possible years added onto your life and added level of comfort you’ll have on a daily basis. Not to mention the money you’ll save on chiropractor visits.

Company: LoadSpring Solutions/Perk: Vacation Money

While most other companies offer a few extra paid days off after a few years of employment with them, LoadSpring has raised the bar, offering workers with one year of tenure at their organization who go above and beyond, an additional week of vacation AND $4,000 to $6,000 to spend while they’re away. This is a direct savings in the exact offered amount, which can equate to a good 2-3 amazing vacations per year for a single individual.

*Article originally appeared on The Muse