7 Year Old Gets HUGE Fan Base With Rough & Tough Afro Puff Super Hero Girl

Moxie Girl is an adorably cute black girl who went from hating her unmanageable mane to loving her curls after a special shampoo gave her hair amazing super powers.

The comic book’s author and creator is 7 year old Natalie McGriff, whose real life story is the inspiration behind the comic book. Natalie’s mother encouraged her daughter to sit and write the story after she noticed her little girl’s dislike for her own hair and for reading. Through writing this, she has gained a new found love for her hair and for reading books.

Natalie and her mother recently took their comic book to One Spark, a big crowdfunding festival in Florida, where over 300,000 attendees pay an admission fee and vote on how the collection of money should be dispersed among top entrants.

The Adventures of Moxie Girl ended up beating out the other 530 contestants, winning $16,000 in prize money.

Make sure you get a copy of this great story for any little black girls in your life and congratulations to Natalie and her mom!

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