40th Anniversary of First Black Model On Vogue’s Cover

This month marks the 40th year anniversary of supermodel extraordinaire, Beverly Johnson’s historic Vogue cover that made her the first African American woman to have her face grace the cover of the most elite of fashion publications.

After being told by fashion veterans (and haters…insert side eye), that she would never get the cover, Johnson took her beauty and grace over to Wilhelmina Models, where over the next few years, she was also on the cover of Elle, French Elle and Cosmopolitan, continuing her trend of breaking down color barriers in print and on the runway by simply being the best person for the job.

Johnson’s career was full of many pioneering accomplishments, yet it was also spotted with having to overcome seemingly insurmountable race obstacles while continually having only the highest level of professionalism and confidence in a room full of often rude and abrasive naysayers.

She went on to become a legend in the fashion and beauty industry, transforming from a model that made $100 per cover to a multi millionaire and CEO of her own company.

We salute you Beverly!