800 Pound Man’s Fight To Live Inspires the Masses

Larry Evans had just about given up on life. The 38 year old had watched his weight balloon since his high school days as a defensive lineman on the football team to over 800 lbs. His one wish became to live long enough to see his 16-year-old daughter walk across the stage at her high school graduation, after which he could die a happy man.


Yet, a heart to heart with his brother made the St. Louis native realize that he had much more to live for and that living for 2 more years wasn’t enough. Evans realized that his sleep apnea machine was actually making him sick by releasing toxins into his lungs while he slept. He decided to make a change and partnered up with two of his friends on a 30-Day Squat Challenge.


To accompany his new active lifestyle, Larry also made the tough decision to cut back/out sugars, carbs and cheese, his three favorite things (and my three main food groups).


As with any lifestyle change, this has not been an easy journey for Evans, who has decided to publicly share his daily struggle via social media with a constantly growing number of “accountability partners”, individuals who are also on weight loss journeys.


Currently, Evans is weighing in at 587 lbs, down 213 from his all-time high. He is extremely proud of the fact he was able to do so without the use of diet pills, surgery or medical intervention.


More than 65% of Americans are overweight or obese, a number that is even higher within the black community. Let’s start trading our soul food for squats and our mac and cheese for miles ran to ensure we can live long enough to be proof that good black don’t crack.