9 Year Old Beats Cancer & Takes On Child Homelessness

Grace Callwood is only nine years old, but has already shown that she has more courage, compassion and a better understanding on life than people 3 times her age…including me.

She is the selfless founder of We Cancerve, in its essence,¬†a charity that helps kids help other kids. Yet this organization is so much more than that. Its eight board members convene at Grace’s church to think of different ways they can be of support to the many homeless children in their community and ways they can get other young people to do the same.

This should come as no surprise as this is the same little girl, that when she first began receiving chemo and put on a considerable amount of weight, donated her brand new clothes that no longer fit to a homeless family in her neighborhood with two young girls her age.

Grace received the horrible diagnosis of lymphoma three years ago as the world’s worst gift on her seventh birthday. Over those three years, she received extensive chemo and was constantly in pain, yet never stopped having her faith that God would see her through and never stopped looking for ways to help those she still deemed as “less fortunate.”

To date, we Cancerve has raised $600 through a lemonade stand and has donated half to the hospital where Grace received her treatment and the other half to a foundation that helps to bring joy to the lives of children affected by cancer. They’ve also collected toys, clothes and toiletries for young people living in nearby homeless shelters.

Call me cheesy all you want (idc, idc, idc) but tell me while reading this article you didn’t start singing¬†Amazing Grace in your head because this little girl is just that awesome.