Aaron McGruder Teams Up With Adult Swim for New Show, “Hooligan Squad”

Nowadays, if you are looking for Aaron McGruder, he can easily be found. Well not him per se, but his shows are multiplying in number and in fan base size. Creator of the mega hit tv show, The Boondocks, McGruder announced earlier this year that he is also working on a new show with Adult Swim called Black Jesus and has just now added Hooligan Squad, which tells the story of an American armed rebellion in Japanese-occupied San Francisco, to his roster.

A recent statement by Adult Swim executive vice president and creative director, Mike Lazzo, says, “With The Boondocks and the upcoming Black Jesus series, we consider Aaron very instrumental in the success of Adult Swim and this deal is a continuation of a great partnership.”

Black Jesus is a live action scripted comedy. You can check out the trailer below.

If Black Jesus and Hooligan Squad are anything like The Boondocks, Aaron Mcgruder will definitely keep us laughing.