ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ Aims To Bridge the Gap and Prove Critics Wrong

Starting this fall, September 24th to be exact, ABC will continue its bid for most diverse major cable network of the year by adding another show with black actors/actresses in the lead role(s) to their prime time lineup, Black-ish. Even better, this one doesn’t seem to have a black woman as a mistress/lover of all things dysfunctional and dramatic!

The show, which critics question on its ability to resonate with viewers, will star Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne and will center on a man’s attempt to establish some cultural identity within his family in suburban California.

The shows executive producer, Kenya Barris, who is also one of the masterminds behind America’s Next Top Model, recently sat down with Huffington Post to explain his hopes for the show to provide lessons on race relations and cultural assimilation.

To check out the interview, click here.

This show seems like it could be a great comedy that brings humor to many everyday racial disconnects. Picture a man that grew up in say, Hollis, Queens or Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, making it big and moving his family to the suburbs only to watch his kids grow up to skateboard and listen to Macklemore, panicking that they’re “losing their black.” If the writers are good, there’s room for comedic gold.

Will you be watching?