Adorable! Dad Teaches Two Year Old Daughter How to Be A QUEEN.

While many of you ladies are screaming “New Year, New Me” and “2015 is My Year…YASSSS”, ya’ll done forgot to leave no good Tyrone and Dayquann back in 2014 and you’re still dealing with him in all his hot messyness splendor.

This video that has quickly gone viral, is proof that when a father is present in his daughter’s life, amazing things can happen – like her self worth and confidence will be through the roof. Not only is this man setting his daughter up to never settle for less than she deserves romantically, but this will translate into her having greater career ambition and life goals, as she will know she is worthy of getting and capable of attaining all the finer things life has to offer.

We love watching videos like this, and this little girl, while she may not know the extent of what she’s saying, surely has a bright future ahead of her.

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