African American Female Owned Chicago Law Firm Began With Just One Single Tweet

Two years ago, a frustrated lawyer named Yondi K. Morris sent out a tweet stating “I need to start my own firm”, to which fellow attorney, Keli L. Knight, responded with “Are you serious?”

The two attorneys met up at a cafe along with Jessica B. Reddick, an old college friend, grabbed a napkin and began writing out their plan to create their own company. It just so happened that these three women were smart and talented women of color and soon after, KMR Law Group,  an African American female-owned law firm was born.

These young ladies definitely had to overcome the typical adversities that any non-male non-white business owner in a usually uniform field would encounter – being questioned due to their age and assumptions of their lack of experience. Yet these women triumphed and have serviced a wide array of clients across the Real Estate and Entertainment industries.

They are now expanding their budding empire through the development of a legal staffing division, matching highly experienced attorneys with legal projects of all size.

Proof that a successful business need not years of planning and millions in funding…sometimes all it takes is three determined women and that first step.

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