Akon Is Bringing Electricity to Hundreds of Millions In Africa

Senegalese American music industry powerhouse, Akon, has conquered one field and is now looking to dominate in another – education and improvement in Africa.

Last Thursday, he announced his Akon Lighting Africa initiative will be working to bring electricity to 600 million Africans who desperately need it, through its “Solar Academy”.

Scheduled to open this summer in Mali, the program, with the aid of European experts, will provide African engineers and entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to develop solar power. Participants will learn to install and maintain solar-powered electricity systems, which would be incredibly beneficial, given that Africa gets over 320 days of sunshine per year, making it quite easy to transform solar power into electrical power for those who need it.

This is a great way to not only create new jobs in Africa, bolstering the economy, but to also provide access to a much needed necessity in a highly disadvantaged area. Great job Akon, for not only bringing attention to a huge issue, but also acting on it.

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