Always on the Go But Need a New Gig? There’s Now A Speed Dating App for Jobs!

The average millenial works well over 40 hours per week, with some working upwards of 60-70. With that, trying to have a social life, get some decent sleep and binge watch your favorite shows (and God forbid start or have your own family), who really has time to find a new job that may actually allow you to leave the office before 8pm?

The technology gods have had mercy on us and have given us the opportunity to apply to new jobs with just a swipe on our smartphones.

Switch, Poachable and Jobr are three new apps that work very similar to the “dating” app, Tinder. Simply create a profile complete with job existence and browse through available jobs that match your skills. See something you like? Swipe right. Not interested? Swipe left. If you and an employer both swipe right and match, they will be able to message you and set up an interview time.

Job hunting has never been easier!

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