AMAZING New App Can Solve the Painful Struggle Of Finding Parking in The City

San Francisco entrepreneur Curtis Lee has just answered my prayers. How many times have you drove into the city only to spend 30 mins to 37 hours looking for parking? Have you made it to the club with time to spare to get in for free and then end up paying $20 because it took you too long to find parking and you didn’t get into the club until 12:01? Have you circled around the same 10 blocks looking for parking, only to park 3 miles from your destination and have to walk 45 mins to and from your car?

Lee has finally found a way for us to not completely hate driving to the city! Hooray!

His app, Luxe Valet, is free and offers on-demand valet parking. You simply type in your destination, and when you arrive, your pre-screened and fully trained valet will be waiting to take your car to a local secure parking lot. When you’re ready to leave, simply tap the “Return My Car” button and you can track your car’s return to you.

Best part of all, you get all this for less than $20!

While the app has just launched in San Diego, Lee’s hometown, it is expected to make it’s way over to NYC very soon. I cannot WAIT!