Amber Alert for Black People at Google

googleTechnology juggernaut Google, Inc. recently released its first ever diversity report which shows that just like the rest of the tech industry, finding a black person in one of these companies is harder than finding Waldo.

The report itself acknowledges this extremely obvious issue, stating “We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity.” I always find statements like that hilarious because the simple solution would be to hire more diverse individuals (maybe I’m a genius and Google just can’t figure out my complex resolution).

Within the company, over 60% are white (surprise!), 30% are Asian (another big surprise!) and a measly 10% are Hispanic (3%), Black(3%) and mixed race (4%). The biggest diversity gap was in the leadership department, where a whopping 72% were white.

Google mentions that it is taking steps to remedy this problem. One worth noting is their networks and “resource groups” where minority employees can gather and discuss issues. So basically instead of hiring more people of color, Google is creating a sanctuary where all 30 of their minority employees can get together and talk about how much it sucks to usually be the only brown person in the room, their office or their building; great job Google.

It is worth noting that this is not confined to Google, but in fact is a common theme throughout the tech industry.

While these companies can make better strides in hiring more programmers and engineers of color, it is also up to our communities to foster an interest in these fields among our youth and show them that computers and technology is just as much for them as it is for their white classmates. We need more Ursula Burns!