Anthology Aims to Highlight Black Men’s Tragedies & Triumphs to Inspire the Masses

About two years ago, Benjamin Jealous, CEO of the NAACP and Trabian Shorters together realized that black men needed inspiration in the form or learning the stories of others that looked like them and came where they came from and were able to overcome obstacles to become successful.

Realizing that our black youth  are only able to aspire to become the role models they see, which may not be the best examples to follow, Jealous and Shorters decided it was time to show these young men the many options and routes that they could take to become successful adults.

The book highlights the stories of many accomplished men who also do their part to uplift their community, ranging from educators to businessmen, athletes, actors and even Jealous and Shorters own stories.

Entitled Reach: 40 Black Men Speak on Living, Leading and Succeeding aims to highlight the black men who chose to not become statistics and instead elevated themselves past their environments. Many are unaware that not only do 11 out of 12 black males graduate high school, but 1 out of every 4 black men is a military veteran, making them the race with the highest percentage of patriotism and service for the same nation that continues to tear them down.

Readers will be inspired as they learn of these men’s struggles with identity, drug use, poverty, abuse and more and hear how they overcame them to become community leaders, millionaires, and pioneers in their fields. John Legend, actor Louis Gossett Jr. and Reverend Al Sharpton are among the men featured in the book.

Interested in reading. You can buy the book here.


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