Ashish Gupta FTW With All Beautiful Black Models for His LFW Runway Show

London-based (by way of Delhi) avant garde and eclectic fashion designer, Ashish Gupta, first came onto the scene back in 2001 with the debut of his first line of clothing.

Over the past 13 years, Gupta has made a name for himself with his always unique designs and moniker of the “sequin king”.

As part of his trademark look, which often includes sequins on top of sequins that are decorated with…sequins, Gupta looks to make clothing for the “fun loving and sexy [women] with a sense of humor.”

Well, he’s done it again and has left the fashion industry wondering what he’s gonna do next.

During this past London Fashion Week, Gupta debuted his Spring 2015 collection in the most beautiful of ways; on a cast of gorgeous models who had one rare thing in common – they were all black.

When asked why he chose to do so, he told fashion news outlets that he wanted to stage a silent protest to the “stifling whiteness” of the industry while putting on a show that embodied that worldly culture that influences his creations.

Guess mainstream lines can’t keep using the excuse that our striking looks distract from the presentation of the clothing. Which is basically the saddest way of saying we look to good to work in an industry that is all about looks.

Oh…and he made a Kimye sweater…no comment.

ag kimye sweater