Awesome Career Options That No One Even Knows About

Ask most recent college graduates about their future career plans and you’ll hear a lot of common answers such as lawyer, marketing exec, accountant, investment banker. You may also hear a few less popular, yet still not unheard of answers, such as dancer, politician or engineer.

Yet, there are even rarer and less heard positions that are actually VERY lucrative and have lower than average levels of competition since there are way less people vying for these jobs as they’re not even aware they exist!

On top of that, many times, there are scholarships for individuals in these particular fields, as they are always looking to attract new and capable talent. There’s less competition for these scholarships as there’s already less people studying these courses!That gives you the opportunity to graduate debt free!

Looking to ensure you have a job post-graduation and looking for an unconventional career path? Check out these choices below!

Air Traffic Controller


All you need for this position is an Associate’s Degree, to pass some job-related tests and to go through on-the-job training. While this can be a very stressful position, since you are basically King of the Air and helping ensure planes don’t crash into each other, the pay more than makes up for it, averaging out around $125,000.

Court Stenographer

court stenographer

Three year of schooling, a strong grasp of the human language, and nimble fingers are necessary to succeed in this role. If you’re lucky and land some big cases and are willing to snatch up the extra hours and OT, you can easily make out with an $75,000 salary.

Anesthesiology Assistant

anasthesia asst

You’ll have to do pre-med in undergrad and earn a two-years master’s degree, but this field has 100% job placement (yes, you’re basically guaranteed employment) and salaries average around $110,000. On top of that, you’ll feel fulfilled helping those in need manage their pain.

Packaging Engineer

packaging engineer

Very few schools offer this as a major, making a degree in this rare and desirable for a lot of consumer brand companies. Graduate with this on your diploma and the likes of big names like Procter & Gamble and  Johnson & Johnson will be offering our salaries of $85,000 to design the packaging for their next big product.

Hearing Aid Practitioner/Audiologist


Another one of the more rewarding career choices, these individuals assist those with hearing/speech problems to better communicate with the world. You will need a relevant grad degree, a lot of clinic hours of practice and a state license, but you’ll be nicely rewarded with good karma and a salary of about $70,000.

Physician Assistant

physician assistant

A two and a half year post grad program will gain you access to a plethora of jobs in this industry. You also have the option to switch practices and learn about many different aspects of the medical field, while earning a great salary of around $90,000.

Hospital Technology Repair

hospital technology repair

You’ll at least need an Associate’s degree in biomedical engineering, although a bachelor’s is often preferred. The job itself allows for tons of free travel and not too much work as you’ll simply travel the country, helping to maintain and fix hospital equipment (think xray and cat scan machines). Since the equipment is already super expensive, the maintenance fees of course are also pricey, allowing you to bring in a respectable salary of about $50,000.

Tower Technician

tower technician

If you aren’t afraid of heights, like working alone and truly cherish teamwork (like trusting your teammate with your LIFE), then this could be a great career choice for you. You don’t need a college degree per se, and you travel the country, repairing electricity towers (yea…you have to climb to the top where the wires are), but as a reward for your braveness, you’ll earn around $60,000 and a nice tan.



I will admit I thought this position died with Medieval Times, and the only blacksmiths I’ve seen were on Game of Thrones, but graduating with a degree in this can allow you to work for fine metal sellers and provide you with a salary of about $55,000.

Funeral Director

funeral director

If you’re ok with being waist deep in dead bodies and don’t scare easily, you should consider completing mortician school, where soon after you can be making $60,000 a year, easily. You may just want to ease in talking about your day at work in social settings…

Know of any other unique yet well-paying career choices? Let us know in the comment section below!

*This post originally appeared at Business Insider.