Barbie Who? The Angelica Doll Is Set to Break Color Barriers Everywhere

When Angelica Sweeting’s little girl, Sophia, mentioned she wanted blue eyes and blonde hair so that she could be beautiful, the 27 year old mother of one just knew that she needed to do something to help her daughter understand that she is perfect just the way she is.

Her first step was to try and find a doll that looked more like her daughter, yet all she found was barbie dolls that seemed to have been spray painted brown and given black hair, still lacking many of the characteristically black features of beautiful full lips, wide noses and gorgeously luscious locks.

Instead of giving up, Sweeting took matters into her own hands, creating “The Angelica Doll” for her daughter, complete with more relatable features and hair. She has now created a Kickstarter campaign that has already brought in $60,000 (more than double her original goal), showing that there is more than enough demand out there for a doll like this.

As a black woman who also grew up with nothing more to play with than Barbie dolls, this is most definitely a step in the right direction of helping our little girls understand that their beauty cannot be touched.

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