“Beasts of No Nation” Starring Idris Elba Hits Netflix and Theatres Today

You may not see any commercials for it, or even notice that much coverage by the media on it, but that is to be expected when a movie, dubbed by the powers that be as “urban” (read: a black lead) is the film in question.

Yet that should not stop you from taking a few hours out of your weekend to go see Beasts of No Nation starring everyone’s favorite daydream, Idris Elba and directed by Cary Fukunaga, best known for his work on HBO’s True Detective (he fooled me I def thought he was Nigerian…he’s Japanese).

The film tells the story of a child soldier’s very rough upbringing by African rebel army members led by Elba’s character, the Commandant.

This film sheds light on the extreme conditions that many third world children grow up in, often orphaned due to war or recruited by militia at a young age, adopting the “kill or be killed” mentality in order to just stay alive.

Reviews have so far been nothing but positive, so make sure you check it out and let us know what you think!

You can watch the trailer below…

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