Black Billionaire Businessman, Robert F. Smith Pledges to Pay for Education of ALL Girls Abducted by Boko Haram

Robert F. Smith, second richest black person in the world (first richest is a woman….woohoo!) and self-made business billionaire can now add great philanthropist to his list of accomplishments – right between founder of one of the top equity companies with the highest rates of returns and being a silver fox.

Smith recently made the public declaration to pay for the educations of the 50 girls that were returned after being abducted by the militant extremists, Boko Haram. While much of America has forgotten about the over 300 girls that were taken from their families as soon as their hashtag was replaced by a different one, Smith is not only reminding Americans of the injustices and travesties still going on in Africa, but showing what it really means to put your money where your mouth is and DO SOMETHING.

He has also offered to pay for the educations of any other girls that are returned. So far, 21 of the girls have enrolled at the American University of Nigeria, all at Smith’s dime. Proof that black lives matter…across the world.

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