Black Tech CEO Develops What Can Be GREATEST Security System EVER

When we think of the tech space, a young black man is most definitely not our first thought, yet more and more this is slowly becoming more of a reality.

Case and point is Brian Brackeen, founder and CEO of Kairos, a software company based out of Palo Alto, CA that is about to completely revolutionize the security industry.

Before April of this year, Kairos was a facial recognition and code input software company, that many institutions used to grant and restrict access to their personnel and clients. In April, Kairos acquired IMRSV, an emotional analysis company, for about $2.7 million (that gives you an idea of how good Kairos was already doing if they’re able to spend that just drop that much on an acquisition). Kairos brings in about $4 million in revenue on an annual basis at the moment and that number is expected to exponentially grow in 2016.

This was done as a response to their customers’ requests, such as a bank wanting not only facial but emotional recognition software, so if one of their employees is giving off a nervous or antsy vibe to the computers, because they may actually be planning to rob the bank that day, their access will be rescinded and they will not be able to enter. (This can be bad or good because they could really be just having a bad day, but let’s see how this plays out…).

Prior to founding Kairos, Brackeen held senior positions at Apple, IBM and ADP.

We need more faces like Brian’s, showing how well we can do within an industry in which we are not well-represented when we set our minds to it.


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