“Blended” Photo Series Shows the Beautiful Side of Adoption

Kate T. Parker is not only a talented photographer but a proud aunt deeply in love with her baby nephew.

Her sister and brother-in-law adopted now 5 month old Sam back in February of this year. In a photo series aptly named “Blended”, the Georgia based photographer captures the family’s first beautiful and touching moments with the newborn. She explains that the project also documents “the power of love, the agonizing wait (and elation) of adoption, the welcoming of another life into our clan and what it means to be a biracial family.”

Aside from the ridiculously cute pictures of Sam that will melt your heart, you can truly see the love this family has for him and the true beauty of adoption, especially between different races, when done correctly.

sam adoption 1


sam adoption 2


sam adoption 4


sam adoption 5


sam adoption 6


sam adoption 7


sam adoption 8


sam adoption 9


sam adoption 10 sam adoption 11


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