Brooklyn Man Finally Released After 29 Years In Jail for A Crime He Didn’t Commit

An innocent man who was wrongly convicted of murder in almost 30 years ago, has finally had his conviction overturned and is getting a second chance at life.

David McCallum along with his friend, and prison mate, Willie Stuckey, were cleared of all charges associated with a 1985 murder that occurred when they were just 16 years old. Sadly, Stuckey didn’t get the opportunity to experience this bittersweet moment; he passed away in 2001 from a heart attack.

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, the man responsible for this release, scolded his predecessor for a multitude of wrongful convictions from evidence that had been tampered with, forced confessions and other immoral and other wrongdoings.

Now 45 years og age, McCallum just hopes to go home and start life anew.

While this is great for him, we sure hope he receives some type of settlement…29 years? Our justice systems really needs to get their lives.