Brooklyn’s Academy of Global Finance Gives Students Their Own Lifelike NY Stock Exchange Floor

While many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods have notoriously been known for their longstanding plagues of crime and violence, the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, formerly known as “Bedstuy do or die” was one of the most dangerous of all.

Thankfully, the times are changing and this once downtrodden area is transforming, thanks in part to the efforts of Brooklyn’s Academy of Global Finance (BAGF). BAGF is a neighborhood school that is working to give the local children a sense of hope and an opportunity to succeed, through programs that prepare them for college and the global economy at large.

According to their website, they provide students with the opportunity for real life applications of what they learn in the classroom through engaging internships, job shadowing and opportunities to interact with the school’s business and financial partners.

Students’ curriculum, in addition to the average high school courses and college preparation, includes classes in finance and business and once students graduate, they are eligible for employment with the likes of KPMG, AT&T, EMC, JP Morgan and more.

Instead of just your average lessons, students receive hands on training with stock trading, Bloomberg terminals, investment portfolios and more. Not only does this allow these 18 year olds to graduate with more knowledge and experience than the average COLLEGE graduate, but actually prepares them for life with REAL skills that can actually be used, as opposed to just being able to solve for x (I promise you, I still haven’t had to solve for it).

While small in comparison to other schools, BAGF feels like their size allows them to give each student personalized attention and allows teachers to develop more meaningful relationships with their students. Schools like this should become the norm for ALL communities so that our next generation can be more prepared for life after graduation.

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