Charles Woodson Is NOT A Statistic. He’s an NFL Superstar AND Owner of ABac Successful Winery

Should you just look at Charles Woodson’s resume as a professional athlete and nothing else, you would still be more than impressed.

Heisman Trophy winner (1997) while at the University of Michigan, strong safety for the Greenbay Packers and Oakland Raiders, NFL Rookie of the Year (1998), Super Bowl Champion, EIGHT time Pro Bowl player and on and on and on. His list of accolades is enough for an article on their own. And miraculously, at 38 years of age, he is still an active player in the NFL.

Yet he is not content with just being known as an athlete and has brought his passion for excellence to another realm – the wine industry.

After his rookie year training camp with the Raiders, which just so happened to take place in Napa, he became greatly aware of the central part that wine played in many peoples’ lives, with them either enjoying a glass (or several) with dinner or on it’s own during social gatherings with friends. He decided he wanted to involve himself in this world and began taking the necessary steps to do so.

He teamed up with two wine aficionados, Rick Ruiz and Gustavo A. Gonzalez to create TwentyFour wines, which range in price from $112 to $250. With great reviews by wine enthusiasts across the country, it is clear that this winery is destined for success.

P.S. If that’s not enough, he also donates a proceed of the sales of each bottle to the CS Mott Children’s Hospital & Von Voightlander Women’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That’s ON TOP of the $2 million he previously donated to these institutions for cancer research.

More athletes need to take a page out of Charles’ book and ensure they have a future void of collection agencies, bankruptcy and other wonderful indicators of financial ruin.


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