Chinese Billionaire Couple Donates $100M For Overseas Scholarships

Beijing billionaire couple Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin made their $3.7 billion fortune in the real estate industry on their own through hard work and determination. They are now looking to give back to the next generation of China by supplying them with the means to achieve their same level of greatness and more.

They plan to set aside $100 million under their SOHO China Foundation to fund overseas studies by Chinese undergraduates at the world’s most prestigious institutions. They have already signed an agreement with Harvard University, allotting $15 million for SOHO China Scholarships to the elite school.

The SOHO Foundation has already made it’s mark in China’s educational systems, through it’s funding of education programs in poor rural areas in it’s nation. The philanthropic couple is well-known throughout china and the international real estate industry for making their mark on their home country’s architectural design by hiring overseas architects for their commercial projects.