Cincinnati Bengals Give Player Contract to Help Him Pay For Daughter’s Chemo

It’s always uplifting to hear a heartwarming tale of compassion when you’re right on the cusp of giving up hope for humankind. The Cincinnati Bengals are giving all of us cynics just that with their recent act of kindness for one of their ALMOST former players.

The Bengals drafted defensive tackle Devon Still two years ago when he was fresh out of Penn State University. This past June, Still received tragic news that his 4 year old daughter had stage IV cancer and would need extensive medical treatment to stand a chance at living. Naturally, this caused him to lose focus for the game, interrupting his rehab from his injury and causing him to have a lackluster performance during preseason workouts.

Yet the Bengals, who would have been completely justified in releasing him from the roster, chose to do something way more admirable. While they did cut still from their playing roster, they decided to keep him on the practice squad, ensuring he would not only still receive a $100,000 salary, but the necessary medical insurance to help him get the proper care for his daughter.

Still is beyond grateful for the gesture and second chance at his career and his daughter’s life. Props to the Bengals for remembering it’s not just about the business, but the actual people involved.