Cobbler Concierge Restores Expensive Designer Shoes & Purses for $40

If you’re a young professional, you’re well aware of the amount of money that goes into your wardrobe and accessories because, as we all know, we are supposed to dress for the job we want and not the one we have, which is the reason we can’t really afford a wardrobe and accessories.

Especially in urban areas, we tend to spend a lot of time walking, from our homes to the office to happy hour to the next bar and the next bar (It’s called happy hour for a reason). After a while, our favorite pairs of shoes have been worn down and we often end up throwing them away and shelling out another $100+ for a new pair. This adds up and more importantly, takes away from money that could be spent on something better…like happy hour.

Cobbler Concierge, a new company at the edge of Queens, NY has come to our rescue to solve this issue that many of us may not have even realized was a problem. For $40 ($80 for men’s shoes and $100 for purses). The process takes about 1-2 weeks and is very simple and stress free. Instead of throwing away those favorite pair of shoes, you mail them in to their factory (they provide you with the box to mail them) and they will re-shine your leather, add new and more durable soles and heels and replace any broken buckles, straps, etc. They even have a more durable sole that matches the infamous red of Louboutin’s bottoms.

So next time, instead of spending another few hundreds on some new shoes, think about how many extra drinks or delicious meals you can get with that money (or save up for a great vacation) and feel free to send one of those drinks right here.

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