Dapper Black Box: Elite Subscription Service for Stylish Black Men

As the madness of Black Friday comes to an end and we gear up to spend the few remaining pennies of our paychecks on Cyber Monday, let’s make sure we make a concerted effort to keep our dollars within the black community whenever possible.

Now I am the first to say that I’ll support black business so long as it’s organized, good quality and what I actually need, so rest assured I wouldn’t just promote a business on the sole fact that it’s black owned, just like I wouldn’t buy ANY item just because the race of it’s manufacturer. I like to buy whatever is the best quality and at the best price, but I will make an extra effort to give black owned-businesses top priority.

Case and point – Dapper Black Box. A pioneer in the game, DBB is a monthly subscription-based service that sends subscribers 3-4 men’s accessories and toiletries from black-owned companies. Think artisanal scented soaps, razor bump creams made of the finest ingredients that actually work, cool ass fly ties, pocket squares, cuff links and more.

Founder, Aaron Barnes, who is also currently a PhD student at the University of Illinois, funded the start up with his money and relies on social media marketing and word of mouth recommendations. He only picks pieces that catch his eye and represent the likes of his average fashion conscious consumer.

The company is steadily growing as it’s customers are drawn in by the distinct, high quality and unique pieces that they are sure to receive every month. Definitely a business worth checking out.

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