Death of Handcuffed Louisiana Man Shot In Chest Ruled a Suicide

State police claim that in March, 22 year old Victor White III of Louisiana shot himself in the back while handcuffed and seated in the backseat of a squad car. That’s interesting, because a recent autopsy shows that the gunshot went entered through his chest, pierced his left lung and heart and exited through his back from under his armpit. Yet the same coroners who performed the autopsy, still rule White’s death a suicide.

Pretty amazing feat to pull while your arms are handcuffed behind you, huh?┬áThat would technically make him better than Houdini…

According to local news station, KATC, State Police Master Trooper Brooks David acknowledged that the investigation into White’s death is still open.

We hope this young man and his family get justice, because this is completely unjustifiable.