Dessert’s Newest Addiction: Vodka Infused Cupcakes

Intoxicake. Finally something that sounds too good to be true but isn’t. When asked about some of my favorite things, cake and alcohol are definitely at the top of the list (don’t judge me). Ashleigh Fitzwilliam, owner of NYC’s Intoxicake, has found a way to offer both of these in one amazing product.

A full-time publicist, Ashleigh decided to turn her love for baking into her next business venture. Her line of liquor infused cupcakes is quickly gaining fans and can be seen on shows such as Mob Wives and Hip Hop Gossip Girls. All this and she’s only 23 years old!

She was inspired to create this delicious business after getting inspired from an episode of The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. She harnessed her passion for making cupcakes with her West Indian background, rich in appreciation for alcohol spirits, and through trial and error was able to produce her first winning batch.

Using start up capital from just her own savings and a little help from her parents, Ashleigh used her strong public relations and marketing skills to not only get her cupcakes on the aforementioned shows, but to even secure her first endorsement deal with one of the shows’ stars.

Intoxicake is off to a great start, and at just 23 years of age, Ashleigh is also surely just getting started.