Devon Still’s 4 Year Old Daughter Leah Officially is Cancer Free!

This past Wednesday, Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle took to his social media to update his fans and all others who have taken an interest in his and his daughter’s heart wrenching story of love and strength.

His four year old daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with stage 4 pediatric cancer and given a 50% chance of survival around 10 months ago. The brave little girl took her disease and chemo treatments head on, always keeping a smile on her face and her spirits high. When her hair began to fall out from the chemo, her father proudly shaved his head as an act of solidarity and support for his little soldier. When he tried to quit the team and retire early to be there for his daughter, his coaches kept him on their roster just to ensure he had a paycheck to help cover her medical bills.

Finally, Still is able to cry tears of joy as doctors have given him the official word that his daughter is now cancer-free.

Check out pics of the dynamic duo below. We are so happy for the Stills and wish them continued health.

leah still 1


leah still 2


leah still 3

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