Devon Still Motivates a Whole College In Support of Dieing Freshman

While Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still fights with his daughter to beat cancer, he has become motivated to help other young people do the same.

This past Tuesday, Still stopped by Mount Saint Joseph University to meet a young woman whose disposition on life and indomitable spirit can literally not be matched. Lauren Hill is a freshman on the college’s basketball team, yet this 19 year old has way more on her shoulders than the average teenager going through their first year jitters. Hill has been given a terminal diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor and is not expected to live past December.

Yet instead of curling up into a ball and waiting for this “death sentence” to come, Hill has decided to fully live her last few months and is working to play in her team’s first game this season, which has been moved up to November 2 to ensure she will be healthy enough to play in it. So many students and locals have purchased tickets to this game, that it has been moved to a larger arena.

What an inspiring young woman. Cancer is really a tragic disease, yet it forces all around it to truly appreciate the beauty in life, while we still have ours.

We wish Lauren, Devon and his daughter the best.