Did You Know Michael Jackson Was a Genius Too?

Xscape, Michael Jackson’s latest posthumous album, debuted earlier this month at No. 2 on the Billboard albums chart. Album sales from this coupled with royalties and other business profits, brings MJ’s total revenue since his untimely death five years ago to upwards of $700 million.

Yet, that amount is paltry compared to the amounts he earned while alive from his widely successful musical career and lesser known sharp business acumen. A recent Forbes article, sheds some light on just how rich Michael was and how he got there. We are all aware of his album sales, concert tours and monies brought in from his fame, but few of us know of his behind the scenes moves that added immensely to his life time total of close to $2 billion (with inflation).

Included in these business deals is the brilliant purchase of the Sony/ATV publishing catalogue in 1985 for $47.5 million. In it are copyrights to most of the Beatle’s biggest hits, as well as other songs from music heavyweights including Lady Gaga, Eminem and Taylor Swift.

To read more about Michael Jackson’s genius mind and how he was able to and still rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars per year, read the full article here.