Disney Diversifies With New Polynesian Princess

After decades of blondes, brunettes and redhead princesses getting saved by similar looking Ken dolls, Disney is finally starting to take more initiative in diversifying their princess portfolio with the likes of Tiana (whose movie was questionable in it’s level of subtle racism….why she had to get a frog?!?) and now Moana.

Set to hit theatres in 2016, the film will tell the story of a teenage girl who teams up with a demigod in search of a fabled island in the South Pacific.

It’s about time Disney started making more princesses of color. Its bad enough that their former princesses all had to be damsels in distress, waiting for a Prince to save them and effing up every female’s views on relationships, but the princesses of color always got the short end of the stick if you think about it. Pocahontas’ boo’s people tried to kill her whole family AND probably gave her small pox. Princess Jasmine had to fall for a thief with a monkey and Princess Tiana had to kiss a damn frog and risk warts just to get a man.

Disney clearly made a point that we have to settle to get a man, so let’s hope Moana will be a better representation of a strong and independent woman for our next generation.

**Drops mic**