Doctors Told Her She’d Never Speak…Now She’s An AMAZING Singer!

Amber Simone Chinn was born with a birth defect that led doctors to believe and tell her parents that she would never be able to breathe on her own, let alone speak.

Now 19 years old, Amber is breathing, talking and even belting out tunes with the voice of an angel.

Diagnosed with left craniosynostosis, Chinn underwent a procedure at just 6 months of age, from which doctors didn’t even expect her to recover. Yet, recover she did, much to the amazement of family, friends and medical professionals.

Recently, at the graduation party of a friend, someone recorded Chinn singing a cover of Jhene Aiko’s The Worst. After it was uploaded to Facebook, the video and her inspirational story went viral.

Currently, Chin attends SUNY Buffalo State and is working with local producers to put out an original single.

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