Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover – The New Age FUBU?

Yes, there were many winners and stars at Monday night’s Golden Globes (cast of Moonlight, Tracee Ellis Ross, Viola Davis  and Meryl who is now brown by association), but one of the biggest was our very own Donald Glover, A.K.A. Childish Gambino.

Aside from dropping a dope mixtape that will give you all the feels of modern-day Prince album, rocking a custom-made Gucci brown suit that takes a certain level of fly-assedness to pull off and winning not one, but TWO Golden Globes for his show, Atlanta (Best TV series, musical or comedy AND Best Performance by an Actor in a TV series, musical or comedy), Donald managed to show how, in a matter of under one minute, Black people can empower one another in epic ways.

While giving his acceptance speech for his second award, Donald gave a quick shout-out to the Georgia-based rap group, Migos, not for providing music for the show’s soundtrack, but because he loves their latest single, Bad and Boujee, which has got everyone rapping “Rain drop…drop top…”.

Since then, Migos, which has been on the scene since 2009, scored their first #1 Hot 100 for that same song and is receiving so much publicity that their sales are sure to surge. All from a quick mention from a fan, who will now be collaborating with them on a song in the near future.

Imagine the exponential effects possible on the black community, from business owners to musicians, writers, business professionals and more, if we all supported the ones we believed in?

Let’s try and make this a habit in 2017 – the black dollar stays within our community for only 6 HOURS, while it stays in the Jewish community about 20 days…we gotta do better people!

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