Dr. Dre Will Donate New Album’s Royalties to Performing Arts Center in Compton

As we are all aware by now, thanks to Beats By Dre’s ingenious marketing campaign with the “Straight Outta…” meme, the movieĀ Straight Outta Compton will be playing in a theatre near you starting August 14. The film depicts the humble beginnings and controversial rise of the “gangsta rap” group NWA, which Dre was a part of back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Noticing the great spark on interest by not only the general public, but also his fellow group mates of way back when, Dre made the smart business move to release a new album – his first in over 16 years. Riding on what is sure to be a successful film due to successfully grabbing the attention of a receptive audience, Dre has decided that being just about a billionaire is more than enough for him and has decided to invest more in his philanthropic side.

He recently spoke with Compton’s Mayor Aja Brown and realized the city that made him is still in dire need of help to provide for its new generation of youth. The conversation spurred his decision to donate all royalties from his upcoming album to fund the creation of a new performing arts and entertainment facility for the children of Compton.

It’s always a beautiful thing when someone can make it out the hood and still remember where they came from and that they too were once in the same position. Salute to Dre.


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