“Drybar For Black Women” Set to Come to New York

If you’re anything like me, you have not even considered stepping foot into any of the many Drybars throughout Manhattan. ¬†You assumed all the hairstylists were white and would most likely leave you looking like this



or would simply just say sorry I have no idea OR you would end up waiting 3 hours for the one black stylist in there.

Ladies of kinks, coils relaxers and texturizers, separate but equal is now in full effect. We introduce you to GoodHair, the first national salon chain of its kind, that specializes in hair care and styling for the many different tresses of women of color.

Ladies (and those growing number of maned gentlemen) will have the chance to choose from a “Wash n Go” for those with more natural locks who are in need of a curly fix or “Wash n Blowout” for those relaxed girls or those natural ones looking for a different look. Basically the same offerings as the DryBar, but with stylists who have the products and knowledge to handle your new growth.

Best part of all? Becoming a client at one of these salons is supporting to Ivy League educated women of color who set out to bring to you a luxury experience of which you are MORE than deserving. If those shampooers scratch your scalp like the magical women at Dominican salons, this is sure to be a hit.

Learn a little about GoodHair and its founders below. To donate to the cause, click here.

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