Elaine Welteroth Makes History As Conde Nast’s Second Editor In Chief…In 100 Years!

Before reaching her 30th birthday, Elaine Welteroth has managed to make history by becoming Editor In Chief of Teen Vogue.

An amazing accomplishment on it’s own, when you factor in the fact that Elaine’s only 29 AND is only the second black person to be named EIC of any of Conde Nast’s publications in the company’s 100 year history, you realize just how admirable of a feat this is for this young woman.

So, how was she able to do it?

By starting young, putting in her time and doing a great job in every responsibility and task she was given. She began her career as an intern at a top advertising agency, before moving over to the publication industry in an entry level editorial role, working her way up over the next 3 years to Beauty & Style Editor of Ebony magazine.

She then hopped over to Glamour magazine, becoming their Beauty Writer & Editor. Nine months later, she was Senior Beauty Editor and four years later she was promoted to Beauty & Health Director of sister magazine, Teen Vogue. After a little under 3 years, she is now the Editor In Chief, responsible for all operations and final productions of all issues.

While many millennials look for the quick come up, Elaine is living proof of putting in your time and working hard up the ranks to your dream job.

Congratulations Elaine!

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