Employee of the…Century! Man Walks 21 Miles A Day, Even In The Snow, To Get To Work

On an almost daily basis I complain about my 90 minute commute to work ( I think my issue is more with the end destination…my job…than tha actual commute).

Yet after hearing of the nothing but inspirational story of one Detroit man’s daily TREK to get to his job, may God embarrass me and let me slip on black ice in front of my office (I work in Times Square in NYC…everyone will see and any videos recorded will go viral) should I EVER complain again.

For the past 10 years, 56 year old James Robertson performs nothing short of a Tough Mudder obstacle course during his 23-mile commute to his job at a factory. After waking up at 7am just to make it in on time for his 2pm shift (yes, he gets up SEVEN hours before his shift starts), Robertson takes two buses as close as he can to his job, at which point he gets off and starts his daily morning walk…of SEVEN MILES. I need you to understand that’s equal to 37,000 feet. 

He then works his 8-hour shift from 2pm to 10pm at which point he starts his seven mile walk back to the nearest bus stop. After his bus ride, his connecting bus is no longer running at such a late time, so he walks the last 5 miles back home.

Why? After his 1988 Honda Accord gave up on him, Robertson wage ($10.50/hr), while above minimum wage, was not enough for him to be able to afford the ridiculously high car prices and insurance rates of his hometown (insurance premiums run around $2,100 for just six months) and so he did what only a man of the utmost level of responsibility and work ethic would do…he started walking.

And walk he does, through the recent snowstorm, through torrential downpours, through blazing summer heat waves – James walks. Oftentimes he gets home at 4am, just to get up at 7am.

His story finally does not go unnoticed, as he has mad friends with a local banker who know tries his best to coordinate his drive to work with James’ walks to be able to give him a lift to the factory. In addition, concerned good Samaritans have created fundraising campaigns for James to get a new car and rest what have to be the country’s most sore feet. To donate, click here.

Let James’ story inspire you to remember that when things need to be done, we should get the job done by ANY MEANS NECESSARY and in due time, your work will be rewarded. To read more on James’ story, check out the full article here.

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