Episode 10: How to Earn Multiple Promotions and Create Your Dream Job with Ezinne Kwubiri of Viacom

Ezinne Kwubiri; Photo Credit: Amy Anaiz Photography - http://www.amyanaiz.com/

Today’s #MotivationalMonday goes to Ezinne Kwubiri, Global Director of Continuous Improvement for Viacom and all around one of my favorite interviewees to date. This woman has managed to turn her degree in Accounting from Howard University into a long standing and highly decorated with media powerhouse, Viacom, where she assists many of their networks in their budgeting and strategies.

Not only is Ezinne a trusted voice at her company, but she is a motivational speaker, event planner for non-profits and literally just an amazing person – I promise you from just talking to her it’s apparent that her disposition and work ethic are contagious!

Listen in on how Ezinne worked her way up the ranks at Viacom by becoming indispensable to her boss and how she continues to gain the trust and respect of all those around her.

Make sure you check out her latest feature in Essence magazine next month, learn more about what she’s up to on her website, Instagram or Twitter!

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