Episode 12: Getting A Dope Job, Growing then Starting Your Own Dope App Launching Company with Iziah Reid

It’s time for #TechTuesday once again!

Today we have the pleasure of bringing to you, for your listening pleasure, Iziah Reid, founder and CEO of the app building company, Nuracode. Iziah was not only more than fun to talk to but the man really knows his stuff. After working in the cruise industry, creating programs to allow customers to order movies from their rooms, he realized he needed to branch out on his own and the rest is history.

Not only is he GREAT at what he does (several Fortune 500 companies knocking on his door as proof), but he is also the epitome of what #BlackLivesMatter really means, not just saying it, but living it, going out and teaching and employing young black individuals who may otherwise have never been exposed to this lucrative and booming industry.

Make sure you listen up because he’s got some GREAT advice and is poised to make a serious disruption in this industry.

Check out our convo below and see for yourselves…

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