Episode 13: Starting Your Own Successful Non-Profit with Larry Yarrell of The Marcus Graham Project

Giving today’s guest, Larry Yarrell, the title of our Man Crush Monday is only right, as he has helped create and grow an AMAZING non-profit, The Marcus Graham Project.

This organization provides minority college graduates with an intense summer bootcamp that provides them with all the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the uber competitive and hard to get into advertising industry. In addition, they take their participants around, introducing them to some of the biggest executives at the biggest ad agencies across the country, allowing them to showcase themselves and make the necessary connections to potentially establish their careers.

This organization is exactly what this industry needs to disrupt it’s exclusive ways, and Larry and his cohorts are working diligently to continue to bring this much needed injection of diversity. Larry shares his story of his journey in corporate America to his decision to quit his job and dedicate his time to creating this non-profit, including bringing onboard well respected industry vets and raising over $750,000 without any outside assistance.

His advice is great for anyone looking to start their own company, crowdfunding campaign or even just get their foot in the door in a highly competitive industry.

Check out our convo below and see for yourselves…

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