Episode 14: Make it Anywhere and Overcome Any Obstacle with Hospitality, Marketing & Fitness Expert, Iman Dean

Today is Wednesday and the first day of June, so it’s only right that we start off with an AMAZING #WCW in the form of Iman Dean.

Iman ran away from home at the age of 16, found her way to NYC and over the next decade, worked her way up in the hospitality industry, helping to launch and grow some of the biggest restaurants and establishments in the city that never sleeps.

If mastering one of the most highly competitive and volatile industries in the concrete jungle isn’t enough, she managed to then not only work for one of the top non profits in the WORLD, creating and managing their marketing campaigns, but then went on to start her events company and a few event series as well.

Iman is living her dream and walking in her passion, all while reinventing herself physically, beating depression and fighting her way from overweight to a lean, mean entrepreneurial machine.

Check out my time with her below and realize that the only thing standing in your way to greatness could be you!

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