Episode 15: From Professional Athlete to Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Agent with Adesola Badon

Adesola Badon’s journey from college to playing in the NFL and ultimately to closing millions and millions of dollars in commercial real estate transactions is so good, that it has quickly become one of our most listened to episodes.

After college, Adesola was able to realize his dream of becoming a professional athlete, playing for the Carolina Panthers.

Shortly after, he decided to enter corporate America, working for a variety of brands in a variety of roles including sales, marketing and management. From there, he made the leap over to real estate, where he has amassed  numerous accolades, awards and more, including top 3% in his company, WORLDWIDE.

Everyone knows real estate (and football for that matter) are cut throat businesses where only the strong survive and Adesola was able to succeed in both – so he CLEARLY knows some things.

Check out his interview below to find out exactly how he did it and how simple it is for you to do the same!

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